Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas for Telecommuters


Over the years I’ve seen many suggestions for holiday gift ideas for telecommuters. There are very few items on many of these lists that I’d add to my own wish list. Either they’re way over the top expensive, impractical, or just plain boring.

Just because I work from home, doesn’t mean I’m without a life or that I don’t want cool things for my home office.

I decided to put together my own list of holiday gift ideas, sharing both the practical and frivolous. Every gift suggestion here is either something I want or something I have and love. Also, I tried to find affordable suggestions. For example, you won’t find the expensive massage chair with all the bells and whistles on this list.

I hope today’s list is realistic and features items that telecommuters desire and appreciate.

Something else – there are a couple of appliances on this list. Appliances are high on my list of things you should NEVER buy as holiday gifts unless specifically requested. However, the appliances on this list are designed to make less work, leading to more downtime.

How did I do? Did I get it right or miss the mark? What gifts do you want to receive this holiday season? Discuss here in the comments or on social media. I’m very interested in your thoughts.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Telecommuters

1. A subscription to Grammarly Premium

Grammarly Writing Support
Full disclosure. I have a one-month subscription to Grammarly premium as part of my affiliate agreement – so I can check it out and review it for you. And I will soon. However, as a writer, I’m finding Grammarly to be an extremely useful tool. Not only does it point out errors, but now I see common errors in my head before I type them.It lets me know when I use the passive voice, use unnecessary commas, and helps to correct typos. It’s easy to miss things when you type all day and I’m grateful for this app. I put this work-related item on my own holiday gift list so I can hopefully continue my subscription after the trial runs out.

2. A Treadmill Desk


I have a homemade treadmill desk. My husband made it for me several years ago when I said I wanted some sort of standing or working desk. When I’m on book deadline I don’t always get to go out and get exercise. The treadmill desk helps me get my steps in so I don’t feel as if I just sat on my fat butt all day. Moreover, I find that I’m more focused when I use my treadmill desk. Maybe it’s that thing where walking helps me to think better? Oh! And something else I like – when I want to watch TV or listen to music while walking, the treadmill desk holds my tablet so it doesn’t bounce around.

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Mind you, treadmill desks are pricey. I linked to one here to show you what it looks like. However, my husband made one for me using a board that fits over the top of my treadmill, in case you’d like to find a cheaper solution. It’s a gift that lasts for years and keeps giving!

3. Multi-Port USB Charger


I promise I’m not being lame with some of these suggestions. If you’re like me, you’re always battling for outlet space with other members of your family – especially when it comes to charging gadgets. So I have my very own multi-port charger (makes a great stocking stuffer!) which is always available when I need it. In fact, this year everyone is getting one in their stocking so we can all charge in our own rooms or offices without having to wait in line for a plug.  Maybe I should have stuck this one in work life balance?

4. Laptop Bag


As someone who travels a lot for business, I can tell you that there’s nothing like an attractive but sturdy laptop bag. Usually, my laptop bag is my only carry-on bag, and I like it to be both functional and attractive. I think we can all agree that most laptop bags are pretty darn ugly. I feel less clunky and “business-like” with a chic laptop bag. Find one that is roomy so you can carry other items such as wallet, glasses, books or tablet, and snacks.

5. Lap Desk


I think all telecommuters work from bed or the couch now and then. Having a lap desk can help working from a reclined position to be less of a balancing act. (Also works for breakfast in bed. Hint. Hint.)

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6. Mug Warmer


So I have this problem. Every day I get up from working to warm my coffee in the microwave, and every day I forget about the mug in the microwave. Sometimes I find it a few hours later, and sometimes I find it the next morning. If I had a mug warmer on my desk, cold coffee wouldn’t be an issue. Just saying.



Followers of this blog know I’m a big notebook girl, and my notebook of choice is Moleskine. I always have several handy. They’re attractive, functional, inspirational, and make great stocking stuffers.

8. Under desk foot hammock


Sometimes you just want to put your feet up.

9. Fingerless typing gloves


My fingers get cold in the winter, and I can tell you from experience that fingerless typing gloves make a wonderful and appreciated stocking stuff.

10. Crockpot


Ok, I know how this looks. I don’t like to receive appliances for gifts either. Bare with me on this one, though, because my slow cooker was the best gift EVER. EVER. I love my crockpot. I use it almost every day in the cold weather. What I love most is that I can put food in it in the morning, turn it on, and it cooks all day. If you’re like me you have to work, deal with sports pickups or carpools, and handle other duties. With a crockpot, dinner is one less thing to worry about at 5:00.

11. FitBit


I do my best to get 11,000 steps in every day. My treadmill desk helps, and so does walking the dog. However, I wasn’t as motivated to make sure I’m getting enough exercise before I had a Fitbit. For me, it’s a way to keep in check. I use a Fitbit One, because I don’t like things on my wrist when I sweat, but there are a variety of models to choose from.

12. Roomba


Before you start throwing things at me, I want you to know I want a Roomba for Christmas. The last thing I want to do every day is vacuum. But with a dog and two cats, it’s a necessary chore. The set it and forget it aspect of the Roomba appeals to me, and I can work better when I’m not distracted by dog hair tumbleweeds.

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13. Waterproof Tablet Bag


A waterproof tablet bag  makes a wonderful stocking stuffer for anyone who likes to read – or work –  in the tub, on the beach, or next to the pool. It also comes in handy if you’re prone to spilling. I can tell you mine saved me a couple of times.

14. Tablet


I have both an iPad and a second-generation Kindle (It’s old but it’s faithful), and they both serve different purposes. I use the iPad for work and play. I read and answer email, do some writing, stream TV shows, and movies, and read using my iPad. Because my Kindle isn’t backlit, I especially like using it for the beach, pool, or deck so I can read without sunglare. Anyone who works from home can benefit from a tablet. Trust me, they won’t know how they got along without it! The good news is there are now tablets for all lifestyles, purposes, and budgets.

 16. Books


I know very few people who don’t appreciate receiving books for the holidays. We all enjoy reading to learn or escape, and there’s no such thing as too many books. If you don’t know what books your favorite telecommuter has on their reading wish list, a gift card will do just fine.

17. Spa Day


Just because we work from home doesn’t mean we don’t work hard…and what better way to reward hard work than a day of bliss and relaxation?  Your favorite telecommuter will love receiving well-deserved a day of pampering!

18. Picnic Basket


Play hooky with your favorite telecommuter and have a lovely picnic together which the kids are at school. A day away from it all can do wonders!

19. Wine of the Month Club

Hand Picked Special Occasion Wines delivered to your door.- Wine of The Month Club

20. Inspirational Wall Art


A little positivity goes a long way!

21. 642 Things to Write About


Whether you’re a writer or just like to write, a book of writing prompts helps to stimulate the brain, get the creative juices flowing, and provides inpiration.

22. Himalayan Salt Lamps


Whether in the office, the family room, or next to the bed, a Himalayan Salt Lamp will help to purify the air while adding a soothing ambiance.

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