14 Facebook Groups for Finding Telecommute Job Leads

Telecommute Job Leads on Facebook

Job search engines are helpful tools for finding telecommute job leads. However, it’s a mistake to rely on job search engines exclusively. Though no one is arguing their usefulness and that there are good jobs to be found, it’s best to expand your search to include other options in addition to job search engines.

Social media can yield some interesting results, but lately I’m finding some really cool leads on Facebook. In fact,  I joined a few groups on Facebook specifically geared towards job sharing with good results. Not all of the groups are specific to telecommuting, but each niche does share occasional telecommute job leads from time to time.

14 Facebook Groups for Finding Telecommute Job Leads

If you’re looking to work from your home office, check out some of these job sharing groups on Facebook.

1. Telecommute Job Leads

Telecommute Job Leads is Telecommunity‘s Facebook group for sharing telecommuting leads.  Run by Yours Truly, we feature REAL leads for freelance and telecommute jobs in a spam-free environment.

2. Paid to Write

Run by freelance writer Allison Boyer, Paid to Write features a writing tip of the day and leads to both freelance and remote full time writing jobs.

3.  Social Media Jobs

With almost 30,000 members, the Social Media Jobs group on Facebook is wildly active, with plenty of job leads shared daily. Mind you, most jobs shared aren’t remote, but you’ll find at least a couple of remote opportunities posted each week.

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4. Binders Full of Writing Jobs

One of my favorite places to find job leads, Binders Full of Writing Jobs lists both freelance and full time opportunities.

5. Remote Jobs

Members regularly share leads to remote opportunities – many of them are full time.

6. Dreamers // Doers Jobs + Gigs

For women who are looking for work, this group shares leads to many different types of opportunities.

7. Work at Home Legit Jobs

Home bases opportunities are listed in the Work at Home Legit Jobs group, but they’re kind of hit or miss. Though the admins do their best to keep out spammers, most opportunities here are of the lower paying variety.

8. Virtual Assistant Jobs

It doesn’t get any more remote than Virtual Assitant Jobs! This group boasts more than 2,500 members and shares leads to virtual administrative opportunities.

9. Online Media Job Board

Online Media Job Board features opportunities for online marketers. Not all are virtual, but there are good leads to be found.

10. Local and Niche Job Groups

Try searching Facebook groups to find local and niche related job groups as well. For example, there are Facebook groups for many states and counties, as well as groups for specific industries.

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11. PR Jobs

Features jobs related to the PR industry. Most are in house, however, you’ll still find some telecommute opportunities.

12. Albert’s List

Albert’s List is another terrific job search Facebook group. This one is also not telecommue specific. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t good remote opportunities to be found.

13. Remote Marketing Jobs

Not updated as often as most of the groups featured here, Remote Marketing Jobs still has jobs for marketers featured and it’s worth a look if you’re looking.

14. Social Media Jobs USA

Like the other niche job groups featured here, Social Media Jobs USA isn’t telecommute specific, though there are telecommute opportunities posted there from time to time.

Work in progress!

This list is a work in progress. When we find active Facebook groups with members sharing REAL opportunities – with more jobs than spam – we’ll add them to this list. Do have favorite Facebook job share groups? Share them here and we’ll add them as well.

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