36 Remote Friendly Companies With General Applications for Job Seekers

Perhaps I’m dating myself as an old-timer, but back in the day, before the Internet made so many telecommuting options available, job seekers were limited to local classified ads. When it was time for a new situation, we brought several different Sunday newspapers in order to see which companies were hiring. If the classifieds weren’t paying off, job hunters took to the pavement. Armed with a list of businesses, they’d visit as many companies as possible to inquire about open opportunities and leave a resume to keep on file.

The Internet changed things up a great deal and local job searches changed to global job searches because many companies are open to remote applicants. This, of course, means more competition for the desirable remote opportunities. I sometimes wonder, though, if the online job search hasn’t made us all a little lazy. Most of the remote job seekers I talk to take a quick look at the job board each day and then move on if they don’t see anything they like. If there’s an interesting job, they’ll send in a cookie cutter coversheet and cookie cutter resume, and hope for the best. There’s no more pounding the pavement, no more cold-calling, and no more follow-up.

Take control of your remote job search

I’d like to suggest another strategy, if I may. Instead of waiting for an opportunity to drop into your lap, why not go old school and move beyond the job boards by pitching your services?

Did you know that many remote-friendly companies invite job seekers to submit an application, regardless of whether or not they’re hiring?  You never know, a company may not know they need your services, but after receiving your pitch they might realize there’s an opportunity there after all.

Why not take control of your job search and contact the companies who are open to general applicants?

Mind you, cookie-cutter cover letter -senders need not apply. You have to approach this type of job pitch in a different way than you would when you respond to a job ad. With a job ad, the company knows that they’re in need of a certain position and can take their time choosing the best applicant for the job. When you pitch your job to a company, you’re not just selling yourself, you’re selling the idea of a particular job. You have to convince them to hire you for a job they’re not hiring for.

  • Don’t meander – Be as descriptive as possible when pitching your job, remember, you’re selling an idea. But don’t waste time or words getting to the point too. Say what you need to say, but don’t take pages to do it. If there’s anything we learned about people who hire, it’s that they don’t want to spend a lot of time reading resumes and cover letters.
  • How will your job help the brand profit and grow?: While you want to be descriptive about what you do, you’re really not selling you as a person. You’re selling the idea of a job and how it will benefit the business. Focus on ways you will help the brand grow. A business cares more about its bottom line than the award you won for sales 12 years ago.
  • Don’t focus on the remote part. At all.: My biggest piece of advice to remote job seekers is not to focus on the “remote” part. With all of the websites and job sites linking to companies that hire remote staff, the company knows they attract people who want to work from home. While they’re happy to provide remote opportunities, what they really want are people who want to work – not people who want to work from home. When you make it more about the “work from home part,” what they’re probably seeing is “I don’t want to put on pants and come into an office.” Tell them why you want to work for them – without getting into why you want to work from home.
  • Follow Up – But don’t be a pain in the butt: Wait a couple of weeks (at least) after sending in your job pitch before following up, but do follow up. People get busy and don’t spend a lot of time focusing on jobs they’re not hiring for. After a couple of weeks, send a short, kind note to check in. If you still don’t hear from them after that, you can do a second follow up in about a month or so, but probably if they don’t respond in that time, it’s time to move on. Don’t constantly nag the business for a response. Unlike television, very few companies want to hire pushy people who can’t take a hint.

Want to try out a pitch? The businesses below are inviting job seekers to pitch their jobs.

36 Remote Friendly Companies With General Applications

Something to keep in mind before applying: Though all of these companies are remote-friendly, not all of them are 100% remote teams and some only hire remote for certain roles. While you don’t want to focus on the fact that you’re remote in your cover letter, it’s always a good idea to mention that you’ll be a remote applicant. This way there are no surprises should they decide to hire you.

Do take a look around at each of these businesses to learn more about the companies and determine if it’s a place you’d like to work. Don’t send a blind application without doing your due diligence.

  1. AccountingDepartment.com: Fill out their general application if you don’t see a suitable job opening.
  2. Actionable: If you don’t see what you’re looking for in their available job openings, Actionable invites you to fill out a general application.
  3. Altum Intelligence – Even though they’re not currently hiring, they’re open to inquiries. Drop them a line and tell them what you have to offer.
  4. Apttus – If you don’t see anything on their available list of opportunities, drop them a line to let them know how you can help.
  5. Big Health: If you don’t find a good fit within their current needs, Big Health invites you to fill out a speculative application to see if what you do is a good fit.
  6. DradisDradis always makes room for extraordinary people, even if it’s not a role they’re currently hiring for. They invite people to get in touch to see if they’re a good fit.
  7. EyeO – Offers a speculative application if you don’t fit into a role they’re currently hiring for.
  8. Firefly Partners – Scroll down to send them your details and they’ll let you know if/when something comes up for which you’re a good fit.
  9. First San Francisco Partners: Has an invitation to apply for a future role as they’re always interested in meeting professionals with both business experience and technology expertise.
  10. Four Kitchens: Invites job seekers to keep in touch and submit a general interest application.
  11. Golden Frog: Currently hiring for a variety of roles, but also has a general application if you don’t see your job listed.
  12. Goodway Group: If you don’t see a role that fits your profile, you’re welcome to fill out a general application.
  13. Guidewire is currently hiring for quite a few roles, but they also have a general application in case you don’t see what you’re looking for.
  14. Gun.io – Has a general application for freelancers skilled in software development.
  15. Hangar12 invites job seekers to take a look around their website and see what they’re all about. If you find that you’re a good fit, you can send a general application.
  16. Happy Cog invites job seekers to make a general inquiry. Though most jobs are based in Philadelphia, they’ll consider remote for the right applicants.
  17. HelpScout is always on the lookout for empathetic people who are committed to excellence in their craft and who care deeply about helping customers. You can fill out a general application if you don’t see what you’re looking for among the advertised roles.
  18. Heptio:If you feel like Heptio is the place for you, but you don’t fit one of their existing job descriptions, please feel free to fill out a general application.
  19. InventoryLab– They’re not currently hiring (as of this writing), but are always on the lookout for peoplehttps://www.inventorylab.com/careers.html who would be a good fit. (You’ll have to scroll down for the email address.)
  20. Jantheon – Remote-friendly Jantheon invites job-seekers to apply for a general permanent job post. Fill out the application and they’ll let you know if there’s interest.
  21. JobVite: Most of Jobvite’s opportunities are in-house, but they do hire some remote staff for certain sales positions. Still, you can submit a general application and see where it takes you.
  22. LiquidSpace isn’t hiring at the moment, but they’re always looking for great people and would love to hear from you.
  23. Magoosh invites job seekers to apply using the general application and let them know what you’ll bring to the team.
  24. Mokriya: If you don’t see a position that suits your skills, Mokriya would still love to hear from you via their general application.
  25. MTR Design is always looking for passionate and talented people and invites you to tell them about your strengths.
  26. Nodesource: If you don’t see a fit for your talents, Nodesource is encouraging you to apply anyway. Hey…you never know, right?
  27. NoRedInk invites you to “name your job“if you don’t see an opportunity that fits your skills.
  28. Oak: Accepts an open application if you’re passionate about what they’re doing but don’t see any suitable opportunities o their website.
  29. Partnercentric: They’re always excited to meet talented people, so drop them a line if you think they’re a good fit.
  30. Planetary invites job seekers to drop them a line and tell them what they do best.
  31. QLC.io -Do you have an idea of how you can help QLC? Fire up your LinkedIn, polish your portfolio, and see where the general application takes you.
  32. Resin: Has an open call for anyone who’d like to apply to be part of their remote friendly team.
  33. Task Analytics – Task Analytics invites job seekers to get in touch if you’d like to work with them, reagardles of if they have a suitable job opening.
  34. TeamSnap invites job seekers to submit a resume if they don’t see a role that doesn’t suit their background or interests.
  35. Thin Pink Media: They’re always on the lookout for passionate qualified people. If you feel like you’re a good fit, you can send them your resume.
  36. Veristat invites job seekers to fill out their general application.
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Would you like to work with any of the above companies? Polish your resume and pitch away!

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