59 REAL Freelance Job Leads


It’s Freelance Friday! Each week on this day we’ll share for REAL freelance job leads, as well as tips and advice for all who make their living as independent contractors. When I say “REAL” I mean that I am listing jobs that don’t insult one’s integrity or fail to pay a livable wage.

All freelance job leads posted here are current as of this morning. If you come across a something that’s a bit shady, I hope you’ll bring it to my attention so I can remove it and make sure it’s not shared here in the future.

Before we get to leads, I’m obliged to tell you affiliate links may be used in this post.

59 Freelance Job Leads

Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Blogger for World Bride Magazine
  2. Freelance Book Review Writer for Kirkus
  3. Freelance Copywriter for JohnsonRauhoff
  4. Freelance Copywriter – Staffing Agency Listing
  5. SEO Copywriter for Busy Bee Tools
  6. Building Information SEO Writer for Zillow
  7. Freelance Content Writer for UpTrending
  8. Web Content Writer for Puredia
  9. eSports Content Writer
  10. Freelance Writer for Zen Content
  11. Freelance Writer – Video Games – for Launch Network
  12. Freelance Tech Writer
  13. Tech Blogger for Content MX
  14. Product Description Writers for Kinzer Projects
  15. Freelance Writers for The Shopper, Inc.
  16. Freelance Writer for Flexport
  17. Freelance Automotive Writer
  18. Freelance Real Estate Writers
  19. Freelance Proposal Writer – Staffing Agency Listing
  20. Scientific Writer – Kelly Services
  21. Freelance Content Marketing Writer for Smart Business Networks
  22. Freelance Speech Writer for Global Technology Associates
  23. Humn Resources Content Writer
  24. Bloggers – Lifestyle, Male & Female
  25. Direct Response Copywriter for TallCube
  26. Freelance Writers for OneConnection Studio
  27. Freelance Daily News Writer/Blogger for Investopedia
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Freelance Editing Jobs

  1. Editor/Proofreader for Aberdeen
  2. Freelance Medical Editor for MPS North America
  3. Freelance Picture Editor for Shutterstock

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Freelance Project Manager Jobs

  1. Freelance Content Development Project Manager for Lumina Datamatics
  2. Freelance Project Manager for Razorfish
  3. Freelance Senior Project Manager for Razorfish

Freelance Jobs in Tech

  1. WordPress Developer for Doctor Multimedia
  2. Freelance Magneto Developer for Blanks USA
  3. Freelance Perl Developer
  4. Freelance Website Builders for Beyond Indigo

Freelance Marketing Jobs

  1. Skull Candy Brand Ambassador for VIPdesk
  2. Marketing Communications Consultant for TCG
  3. Freelance Senior Content Strategist for Razorfish
  4. Digital Content Specialist for Archery Trade Association
  5. Freelance Healthcare Marketer
  6. Social Media Analyst – Creative Circle Listing
  7. B2B Marketing Representative for Lexicon Medical
  8. Digital Marketing Consultant for G/O Digital

Freelance Photography/Video Jobs

  1. Freelance Event Photographer in Cleveland for FlashStock
  2. Freelance Photographers in Florida for FlashStock
  3. Freelance Videographer for Weedmaps.com
  4. Freelance Product Photographer for Weedmaps.com

Freelance Design/Creative Jobs

  1. Visual Merchandiser for ZenGenius
  2. Freelance Design Assistant for JBCStyle
  3. Freelance Graphic Designer for VetDVM
  4. Freelance Graphic Designer in Dayton

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Miscellaneous Freelance Jobs

  1. Data Science Contractor for TalkSpace
  2. Insurance Examiner for Regulatory Insurance Advisers
  3. Real Estate Valuation Professional for a New England Real Estate Firm
  4. Business Development Specialist for The Professionista
  5. PV Scientist  – Staffing Agency Listing
  6. Real Estate Valuation Professional for a New England Real Estate Firm
  7. Business Development Specialist for The Professionista
  8. PV Scientist  – Staffing Agency Listing
  9. Freelance Spanish Tutor
  10. Android & Desktop Search Reviewer for Lionbridge Technologies
  11. Online Shopper for Lionbridge Technologies
  12. Customer Success Consultant for SkillSoft
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