Read This Before You Hire a Freelancer


Before you hire a freelancer, there are a few things you should know. You see, having the freedom to work where and when we want is a perk, but it’s not compensation. We take our jobs serious and treat each client in a professional manner. We don’t have the luxury of direct deposit every Friday. If we don’t provide you with the finished product, we don’t get paid. Handing in a finished product doesn’t guarantee we’re getting a check as promised, either.

As a freelancer, I’m doing my job just like you are. I sit at my desk for eight or more hours each day so I can deliver a finished product to my clients on the agreed upon date. If my clients don’t like my work, I take steps to see that they’re happy.

Every now and then I meet a potential client who doesn’t understand what it means to be a freelancer. Their intentions are honorable, but I don’t know if they understand how things work from my end.

Today’s post is for people who hire freelancers but don’t understand how it works from our end.

Before You Hire a Freelancer….

You should know:

Freelancers are professionals

Most freelancers aren’t hobbyists. The work we do helps to pay our mortgage, put food on the table, and pay the bills. We don’t all have rich spouses to cover expenses while we earn fun money. Not that our marital status or household income is anyone’s business.

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Businesses hire freelancers for a variety of reasons. For example, they don’t want to pay the overhead attached to a permanent employee. Not every situation warrants full-time employment. Regardless of the reasons, if you’re hiring an independent contractor you have every right to expect professional treatment.

We expect the same.

We’re running a business just like you are. We need your business and we need your referrals. Please don’t treat us as your lowest priority or the last rung on the totem pole.

It’s frustrating when you don’t take our calls or ignore our questions. It’s even worse when you don’t pay us on time.  We did everything we promised, is it so unreasonable to expect the same treatment from you?

Don’t waste our time (and yours) with “tests” and sample projects

We understand you want the best person for the job, but these “tests” and unpaid sample projects have to go. Samples of past work, references, and experience is enough to show you if we’re a good fit for your project. Unpaid tests and free “audition” projects don’t guarantee a job. They also take us away from paying clients.  If you can’t tell if you want to work with us after an interview, move on to the next freelancer.

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We’re happy to provide you with examples of our work, references, and more. Please stop insulting us with requests for tests and free samples.

The cheapest freelancer isn’t always the best freelancer

How insulted would you be if I offered you less than Minimum Wage to do your job? After all, you trained hard for your career. Is your goal is to move up the ladder or earn certain pay rate.? Well, guess what? It’s the same way for freelancers. If you’re going to pay freelancers crap money, don’t act so surprised or hurt if you get crap in return

With freelancing, you can get what you pay for.

Before you hire a freelancer…

Please understand freelancers aren’t slackers. The majority of us aren’t freelancing because we can’t make it in an office. Most of us are freelancing because we love what we do so much we wanted to start our own business. Most of us want to work hard for you.

Before you hire a freelancer please understand we’re professionals. Like you, we have bills to pay and families to care for. Like your company, we’re only as good as our reputation. When you treat us as professionals, we’ll give you the world.

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