33 Places to Find Free WiFi

Free WiFi Hotspots

Free Wifi is an essential tool for successful telecommuting. After all, the beauty of this lifestyle is that it allows us to do our jobs anywhere. Though many of us prefer the convenience and functionality of our home offices, we all have times when we need to take our show on the road. Having this flexibility enables us to change scenery and even take our work with us as we travel. However, if we can’t connect we can’t work.

You probably know some local places in your neighborhood to find free WiFi. For example, many coffee shops and libraries allow people to come in and work for as long as they like. These types are places are excellent “offices” to go to when we need a change of scenery. However, there are times when we’re away from the familiarity of our own neighborhoods but still need to work. Knowing where to find hotspots can mean the difference between a missed deadline and a job well done.

If you’re not sure where to find free Wifi when you’re on the road you can use apps such as WiFi Map and WiFi Hotspots Map for iPhone and WiFi Finder for Android.

33 Places to Find Free WiFi Hotspots on the Road

Mind you, not all of these places are conducive to doing business. However, if an emergency comes up and you need to respond right away, knowing you’re near a free WiFi hotspot can be helpful regardless of the location.

  1. Apple retail stores
  2. Apple Spice Junction Deli chains
  3. Applebees Restaurants
  4. Atlanta Bread
  5. Barnes & Noble has free WiFi in bookstores and cafes.
  6. Bigby Coffee
  7. Bob Evans
  8. Buffalo Wild Wings
  9. Cablevision offers Wifi hotspots to subscribers in many locations.
  10. Caribou Coffee
  11. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  12. Denny’s
  13. Dunkin’ Donuts
  14. FedEx  – Many FedEx offices offer free WiFi
  15. Macy’s
  16. Many campgrounds  offer free WiFi.
  17. Comcast offers WiFi hotspots to subscribers.
  18. Highway rest stops
  19. Home Depot
  20. Hooters
  21. Houlihan’s Restaurants
  22. McDonalds
  23. Office Depot
  24. Panera Bread
  25. Publix Markets
  26. Peet’s Coffee
  27. The Public Library
  28. RV Parks
  29. Scooter’s Coffeehouses
  30. Starbucks
  31. Staples
  32. Wegman’s Supermarkets
  33. Whole Foods
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Keep the above list handy so you know where to find free WiFi hotspots when you’re on the road. In most cases, you’ll have to agree to Terms of Use to ensure you’re not using complimentary WiFi to do anything nefarious or inappropriate.


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