6 Job Interview Red Flags for Candidates


Don’t ignore job interview red flags. If something isn’t sitting right with you, go with your gut and explore your reasons for feeling off. Job interviews are a two-way street. You should be learning as much about the employer as they are you.

Everyone has an off day.  If a hiring manager says or does something that seems a bit off, it might not necessarily be a deal breaker. However, if several suspicious situations arise, think long and hard about how badly you want this job. Chances are, you won’t be happy in  a place that doesn’t make a positive impression from the very beginning.

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54 Full Time Remote Jobs Now Hiring!


Full time remote jobs aren’t as scarce as many people believe. More and more companies are hiring for telecommuting staff positions because they can expand their search for candidates, keep a low overhead, and understand how certain people work better away from the hustle and bustle of an office environment.

Today’s list is focusing on full time remote jobs. These are the positions that pay salary plus benefits and offer sick days and vacation time. While many of them do allow for certain flexibility, they also provide the stability that comes with permanent employment. All jobs are current and hiring as of this writing.

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54 REAL Telecommute Jobs Leads


Good afternoon, telecommuters! Welcome to another list of REAL job leads for telecommuters, freelancers and anyone who works from home. We did our best to weed out the low payers, nonpayers, fake internships, and “jobs” that really aren’t jobs.

All of today’s leads are current and taking applications as of this writing. Also, I’m obliged to inform you affiliate links may be used in this post.

Jobs listed today include customer service  jobs, writing jobs, marketing jobs, and project manager jobs.

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6 Tips for an Organized Home Office When You Work in a Tiny Space


Keeping an organized home office is important for productivity.  I don’t like having a lot of “stuff” or furniture that takes up space and clutters my room. I also don’t believe in having a variety of items lying around “just in case.” My tips for an organized home office may seem a tad unconventional, but in my case less equals more.

My “home office” is actually a corner of my dining room. It’s a room we use for “company” but don’t use often enough that I have to pack up and leave every time I finish up work for the day.

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59 REAL Freelance Job Leads


It’s Freelance Friday! Each week on this day we’ll share for REAL freelance job leads, as well as tips and advice for all who make their living as independent contractors. When I say “REAL” I mean that I am listing jobs that don’t insult one’s integrity or fail to pay a livable wage.

All freelance job leads posted here are current as of this morning. If you come across a something that’s a bit shady, I hope you’ll bring it to my attention so I can remove it and make sure it’s not shared here in the future.

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How and When to Say “No” to Clients


As a freelancer, I’ve  been asked to do many things. I’ve collected data and created spreadsheets, researched pallet rack manufacturers, written about poison ivy, and marketed promotional playing cards. Some of the jobs I did weren’t exciting, but they paid the bills, but I treated every client the same – as if each and every one was my most important client and priority.

Over the years I’ve learned that freelancing isn’t glamorous or exciting. The majority of my clients are smaller names, but I’ll never complain about good people (to work with) or steady work. I’ve also learned that there are times when I have to tell a client or potential client “no.” While it always pains me to turn down work (and money), I think it’s more professional to set boundaries or not bite off more than I can chew, than it is to take on more work.

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35 REAL Leads for Telecommute Jobs


Before we share today’s leads for REAL telecommute jobs, I wanted to let you know we’re testing out something starting tomorrow: Freelance Friday. Every Friday we’ll share leads to different freelance and independent contractor jobs. We’ll still share some freelance leads in our regular lists each week, and in the Telecommute Job Leads group on Facebook, but moving forward, Fridays will be dedicated to Freelancers.

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