8 Free Job Search Apps to Help You Find Work!

I use a variety of job search apps to find clients and projects. In addition to seeking out new projects to add to my regular client base, I also like to stay apprised of current career trends. I can’t always spend my working time searching for leads, so using job search apps enable me to conduct searches at times that are convenient for me.

Most job search sites enable seekers to upload cover letters, resumes, and other important information. With job  search apps you can use your uploaded information to apply for jobs anywhere, at any time. Plus, most apps store your search criteria to show you the most current leads within those parameters. Mobile job search apps mean you’re not chained to your desk all day. read more

Read This Before You Hire a Freelancer


Before you hire a freelancer, there are a few things you should know. You see, having the freedom to work where and when we want is a perk, but it’s not compensation. We take our jobs serious and treat each client in a professional manner. We don’t have the luxury of direct deposit every Friday. If we don’t provide you with the finished product, we don’t get paid. Handing in a finished product doesn’t guarantee we’re getting a check as promised, either. read more

50 REAL Telecommute Job Leads


Today’s list of telecommute job leads is quick and dirty. We have jobs for those of you seeking both full time or part time opportunities, as well as independent contractor gigs. All jobs are current as of this morning, so hopefully you won’t run into too many “job expired” listings. Also, I did my best to weed out the unsavory or insulting offers. Everything on today’s list is a REAL job by a REAL client or employer.

Brands hiring today include ADP, Aetna, Amazon, Apple, bitly, Intuit, U.S. Quidditch, Sutherland Global Services, TeleTech, Xerox, and more. read more

The Hardest Thing About Working from Home: Getting BACK in the Zone


I love working from home. You may already know that since I’ve been talking about it for the past 15 years. As much as I enjoy my freedom and being my own boss, I’m still finding myself struggling when it comes to focus. Or, rather, refocus.

For me, the hardest thing about working from home is getting  back to a place where I’m 100% focused. If I take a lunch hour or attend an appointment, it’s hard for me to get back “in the zone.”

Staying focused isn’t the problem; Keeping focused is

There have been a million blog posts and articles written about how to focus when you work from home. I’ve tried them all: read more

48 REAL Freelance Job Leads


Welcome to another Freelance Friday addition of job leads. Today’s listing features jobs for freelancers, independent contractors, and consultants.

I did my best to weed out the sketchy clients, but if you come across something that smells a bit off let me know and I’ll remove it. All jobs are current as of this writing, posted within the last week. Hopefully, you won’t come across any freelance job leads that are old or expired, but if you do please let me know.

Today’s list includes leads for writing, design, and other jobs. Lots of good luck to you! read more

8 Tips for Becoming a Freelance Writer

becoming a freelance writer

When I was first interested in becoming a freelance writer, I was fortunate enough to work at a publishing company that hired a lot of independent contractors. This enabled me to understand what companies looked for in hiring and working with these writers, and the circumstances that caused a contract to end. It gave me a good idea of what to expect when launching my own business.

One important lesson learned upon becoming a freelance writer is how much work it entails. There’s always a need for new clients and new projects. read more

6 Job Interview Red Flags for Candidates


Don’t ignore job interview red flags. If something isn’t sitting right with you, go with your gut and explore your reasons for feeling off. Job interviews are a two-way street. You should be learning as much about the employer as they are you.

Everyone has an off day.  If a hiring manager says or does something that seems a bit off, it might not necessarily be a deal breaker. However, if several suspicious situations arise, think long and hard about how badly you want this job. Chances are, you won’t be happy in  a place that doesn’t make a positive impression from the very beginning. read more