57 REAL Telecommuting Job Leads


Happy Monday, telecommuters! Let’s start this week on a positive note – with a nice long list of telecommuting job leads. All jobs on today’s list are current and accepting applications as of this morning.

Jobs listed today include medical coders, marketing, writing and editing, and customer service jobs (among many others!).

Brands hiring today include  Upworthy, The Neilsen Company, Toptal, The Wirecutter, Zapier, and more.

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Freelance Friday! 41 Freelance Job Leads

real-freelance-job-leadsIt’s Freelance Friday, telecommuters! Today’s list focuses on remote jobs  that are open to freelancers, consultants, and independent contractors.  As always, jobs are current as of this writing and we did our best to only post freelance job leads that are less than a week old.

Today’s list features jobs for developers, writers, customer service professionals, freelance marketers, editors and more.

Brands hiring freelancers today include Fractl.com, JobHero.com, Net Transcripts, Highmark Health, Upworthy, Snopes.com, and more.

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38 REAL Telecommuting Jobs You Can Apply to Today!


Happy Thursday, Telecommuters! I have a long list of telecommuting job leads for you today. All jobs listed today are current as of this writing and I did my best not to list anything that has been available for more than a week. Hopefully, you won’t find any “expired” jobs on this list.

Today’s list features full and part time jobs for telecommuting marketing professionals, customer service reps, medical coders, project managers, virtual teachers and more.

Brands hiring today include Dell, Harris Teeter, Philips, Tenable, and others.

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3 Tools to Help With Grammar and Usage


Writers and people who have to use writing as part of their jobs aren’t perfect. We typo and we make mistakes. Sometimes, though, despite our best proofreading, we turn in content with mistakes.

If you have to do any form of writing for a living – whether social media posts, memos to the staff, emails, or a blog post like this one – you know how embarrassing it is to have someone else point out a mistake. That’s why I use some apps to determine whether or not my writing is ready for clients or public consumption.

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71 REAL Remote and Freelance Job Leads


Normally, today would be Freelance Friday with all content and job relating to freelancers. However, I’ve been remiss in my sharing thanks to a book deadline and wanted to share leads of interest to all telecommuting job seekers.

Today’s list features both part-time and full-time telecommuting jobs as well as freelance opportunities. All jobs are current as of this writing, and I did my best to find leads that aren’t more than a week old. Here’s hoping you land a terrific job!

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8 Free Job Search Apps to Help You Find Work!

I use a variety of job search apps to find clients and projects. In addition to seeking out new projects to add to my regular client base, I also like to stay apprised of current career trends. I can’t always spend my working time searching for leads, so using job search apps enable me to conduct searches at times that are convenient for me.

Most job search sites enable seekers to upload cover letters, resumes, and other important information. With job  search apps you can use your uploaded information to apply for jobs anywhere, at any time. Plus, most apps store your search criteria to show you the most current leads within those parameters. Mobile job search apps mean you’re not chained to your desk all day.

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Read This Before You Hire a Freelancer


Before you hire a freelancer, there are a few things you should know. You see, having the freedom to work where and when we want is a perk, but it’s not compensation. We take our jobs serious and treat each client in a professional manner. We don’t have the luxury of direct deposit every Friday. If we don’t provide you with the finished product, we don’t get paid. Handing in a finished product doesn’t guarantee we’re getting a check as promised, either.

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