Work from Home Job Lead: The Content Authority

The Content Authority is a content creation company that provides writing projects such as ghost writing, article writing, blogging and ebook writing to paying clients. To provide that service to clients, they also have to hire writers like you.

The Content Authority pays via PayPal to writers who have $25 or more in their account. Compensation is pennies per word – one to three cents, usually. The work can be steady, though, so if you want to use them as a place to begin, go for it!

Make no mistake, this is strictly content mill work. You’re not going to gain fame and glory but if you’re between gigs and want to get some experience under your belt, this isn’t the worst place you can go. read more

Work From Home Job Lead: Naming Force

Naming Force isn’t a job in the sense that you will work from them steadily for an agreed upon rate. It’s more like a way to “win” some money now and then as a way to earn a little something extra from time to time.

Here’s how it works: A business uses Naming Force to crowd source business names. The names are voted for and the person who created the winning name gets money. So it’s really hit or miss, but a way to bring in some coin if needed.

Work From Home Lead: has been around for a long time and always has plenty of opportunities for freelance writers. Their writers, more like columnists, share news and commentary regarding various niches and interest groups.

Here is a sampling of the niches they’re looking to hire writers for:

  • Automobiles – Including specific brands of car
  • Careers
  • Dating and relationships
  • Television Shows including Walking Dead and Downton Abbey
  • Netflix
  • Food 
  • Health
  • Home
Currently there are dozens of niches available. If you’re going to apply be sure you’re an expert in your chosen topic. they don’t want people who are generalists or who plan on Googling and writing. You really have to know your stuff.  From what I hear their columnists can earn $800 or more each month, and you have to do some sort of audition to show them you know how to write and know the subject matter. Apply here.