The Importance of Conferences and Business Events for Telecommuters

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Though many of us telecommute because we enjoy working from the quiet of our own homes, the importance of networking and face to face meetings can’t be overlooked. Whether you’re an independent contractor or a full time employee, you should consider leaving the home for business events.

Going to conferences gives you an edge of people who don’t. You’ll meet new people, have in-depth conversations, and rub elbows with the top people in your industry. Moreover, when you spend time around other professionals you broaden your business connections, grow your sales base, land new clients. and come home inspired with new ideas.

There are definite advantages to leaving the house to attend conferences, networking events, business mixers, lectures and other experiences for professionals.

Job Prospects

Conferences, job fairs, and networking events are terrific tools for picking up new clients and meeting potential employers. Even if neither party is seeking employment or looking to hire at the time, making an impression means they’ll keep you in mind should a need arise.


Conferences have strict rules about selling if you’re not a sponsor or exhibitor. However, there are ways to get your product or service on people’s radar at networking events, luncheons, etc. At conferences everyone asks about your job, and everyone hands out business cards. You’ll be able to make important connections needed to drive sales.


Most conferences have several days of learning and sessions are always of interest to attendees. In fact, most sessions are taught by prominent people in your industry. When you attend sessions and take copious notes, you come home armed with the ammunition you need to take your business and career to the next level.

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Share expertise

Conferences are a good way to showcase how smart you are. Through conversation others learn more about you and your skills. This is especially true if you’re a speaker.


People come up with ideas at business events. Through networking and conversation comes collaboration. You’ll meet smart people like yourself and rif on ideas.

New ideas

Learning, listening, and seeing how others do business is inspiring. You can take ideas away to implement on your own.

Product demonstrations

Business events are a terrific way to find out about the tools and products that make your industry tick. In fact, they often offer freebies and discounts for conference attendees.

Face to face conversation

Why bother with networking events when you can talk with other business people on Twitter or Facebook? Because the social networks are for shorter snippets of conversation and short attention spans. You learn more about people when you sit down and have a face to face conversation. Tone, body language, and the ability to chat about whatever you like are far more beneficial than some Tweets. Besides, it’s easy for a conversation to get lost in the noise when you’re online. In person you make a better impression.


Certainly you don’t have to attend conferences or other professional events, but they’re essential for anyone hoping to get ahead in business. Through conferences you learn the latest methods and technology, and meet important people.

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