Freelance and Telecommute Job Leads are Back!

Thank you so much for your patience as I took some time off to care for a loved one. I was reminded why I like to share freelance and telecommute job leads after I began rebuilding my client base and applying for new opportunities.

I share because of my frustration with various job ads and many of the sites that share job leads.  I don’t like to be misled. If a link or a lead promises something, I expect the listing site to deliver on that promise. Moreover, I’m tired of seeing a promising headline and job description only to learn the job pays very little (if at all). Finally, I don’t want to have to put out a lot of money to find a job.

Remote job search frustrations

Here are the things I don’t like about many of the existing job search or re-listing sites:

  • Paid subscription: I don’t want to spend money to find a job. I understand that the paid sites are providing a service and I won’t begrudge them that. I don’t have that kind of budget right now.
  • Paying for the same jobs I can find for free: I paid to use several remote job sites over the years and one thing I found is that most of them share the same jobs you find on the free sites. Sure, there are some unique jobs listed, but if I can find most of the jobs on my own for free it doesn’t make sense to pay.
  • Jobs aren’t 100% remote: If a job site promises a remote job, and I read through only to see that it’s only a one day telecommute, or that there’s the possibility of a telecommute, I think it’s misleading. If I visit a remote job search site, I expect to see remote jobs.
  • Not enough information: Is the job full time? Part-time? Freelance? List it before I click through.
  • Most jobs From Craigslist: There are more places to search than Craigslist – and a lot of those ads are shady.
  • Jobs that aren’t jobs: Taking surveys isn’t a job, especially if they pay by putting your name in a drawing or make you fill out a survey for 20 minutes before telling you you’re unqualified. Places that pay in gift cards and rebates aren’t jobs either.

Introducing a new, FREE, remote job listing site

As I began planning content to start up this blog again, I was thinking about ways I could share leads in a more organized manner so that you receive daily updates, but I don’t spend hours dropping links here. So I built a site and added a job board plugin that enabled me to add information in quickly  – which means I can update more often.

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Here’s what you can expect from Telecommunity’s new (free) remote job listing site:

  • Free: It won’t cost you a dime to access the jobs on the new remote job board. It’s supported by advertising – but I’ll try not to make it too ostentatious.
  • Jobs NOT feeds: This job board isn’t a feed from Indeed or Zip Recruiter. I found and posted all leads here myself.
  • All jobs are 100% remote: With the exception of jobs that require remote employees to attend occasional in-house meetings, all jobs posted here are remote/work at home/telecommute. Even the freelance jobs.
  • All jobs are “legit:” No stupid ads for “opportunities,” courses, surveys, or anything else that isn’t really a job.
  • Know before you click: Each listing on the remote job board home page clearly lists the company’s name or if it is an ad for a recruiter. It also tells you what the job is, and if it’s part time, full time or freelance.
  • Extra details: If I find out extra details about a job – for example, if an application requires you to jump through hoops or take a writing test, I’ll add it to the listing.
  • Link directly to the application: All individual job pages link to the original job listing. You don’t have to download or sign up for anything to have access to the lead.

I just wanted to provide a place for people like me who don’t want to jump through hoops to find a job. As time goes by I’ll even set it up so employers and clients can post their ads here themselves. I hope you find my remote job board useful and I hope you’ll share any feedback for making it better. Click here to access Telecommunity’s new remote job listing site.

Good luck with your job search!

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