Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas for Telecommuters


Over the years I’ve seen many suggestions for holiday gift ideas for telecommuters. There are very few items on many of these lists that I’d add to my own wish list. Either they’re way over the top expensive, impractical, or just plain boring.

Just because I work from home, doesn’t mean I’m without a life or that I don’t want cool things for my home office.

I decided to put together my own list of holiday gift ideas, sharing both the practical and frivolous. Every gift suggestion here is either something I want or something I have and love. Also, I tried to find affordable suggestions. For example, you won’t find the expensive massage chair with all the bells and whistles on this list. read more

3 Tools to Help With Grammar and Usage


Writers and people who have to use writing as part of their jobs aren’t perfect. We typo and we make mistakes. Sometimes, though, despite our best proofreading, we turn in content with mistakes.

If you have to do any form of writing for a living – whether social media posts, memos to the staff, emails, or a blog post like this one – you know how embarrassing it is to have someone else point out a mistake. That’s why I use some apps to determine whether or not my writing is ready for clients or public consumption. read more

My Top 11 Home Office Essentials

Home Office EssentialsEvery telecommuter has a list of essentials to have in their home office. If you were to ask people who work from home for a list of their home office “must haves,” you’ll find responses vary, though. That’s because we’re all comfortable with different things. So what works best for me, won’t necessarily work for you.

In any event, I’m sharing my list of must haves for anyone who might find it useful. After you’re done reading, share your favorites or tell me how silly you think my choices are. I’m always looking for good suggestions for staying focused, organized, and comfortable during the work day. read more

15 Helpful Books for Telecommuters

If you telecommute or if you’re thinking of working at home, it’s important to enter into it with the right mindset.  Working on a remote basis isn’t for everyone. Without the right frame of mind, the necessary tools, and the ability to focus on the matter at hand, a telecommuter mind not be so successful.  If you or someone you know is a telecommuter or would like to telecommute, the following books might be appreciated. Enjoy a look at some of the best books for telecommuters – and please feel free to share in the comments. read more