When Your Client Doesn’t Pay: A Cautionary Tale + Tips So You Don’t Make the Same Mistakes I Did

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My biggest client stopped paying me several months ago. There was no reason given, nor was there any communication directed towards me to let me know my invoice wouldn’t be paid on time. The client simply stopped paying me. Worse, the same client stopped responding to me altogether.

My invoices are net 30, so I issued invoice number two at the same time I sent a reminder for invoice number one. After about six weeks from the date of the first invoice,  I sent a stronger message about having two invoices that needed payment and received a (very) brief statement that hopefully money will come in soon. read more

The 14 Types of People Who Shouldn’t Telecommute

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For many of those who have the opportunity, telecommunity is an attractive alternative to a more traditional office experience. After all, telecommuters have more flexibility, and don’t have to deal with a commuting or dressing up in office clothes every day.

While most of us are grateful to have the opportunity to work from home, it’s important to know that not everyone thrives in a remote in a home office environment. So if you’re thinking about telecommuting, first consider whether or not you’re cut out for a flexible, remote, independent lifestyle. read more

Welcome to Telecommunity!

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When I was asked to take over a  “work from home” blog, I was intrigued. After all, I once owned a successful and profitable freelance writing blog. If there’s something I can talk about at length, it’s telecommuting. My one concern is that the niche might be saturated.

So I looked around a bit and I realized I have a lot to offer telecommuters and freelancers without adding to the echo chamber.

Some of the things I’ll be sharing here at Telecommunity:

  • Job leads: Yes, I know there are lots of people who share job leads. Telecommunity will focus on everything from full time jobs to one-off freelance opportunities. However, this isn’t the place to look for $1 survey jobs or opportunities where it is difficult to earn enough to make a good living. I’m not begrudging anyone their ways to make money, but I won’t be focusing so much on the super low payers here. I hope to focus more on career choices rather than ways to “make money online.”
  • Alternate forms of income such as affiliate sales and blog advertising: Though we will be focusing on a jobs and careers, we’ll sometimes share lucrative ways to earn money, for example with blogs or selling your photos to stock photo agencies.
  • Telecommuting tips and and home office hacks: When you work from your home, it’s not always easy to block out the world and focus on work. We’ll share tips for being your most productive, making the best use of your time, and creating an environment where you can get down to business.
  • Professionalism discussions: You may be working on your own but you’ll still need to interview, work with a team, network, and talk to people both online and offline. At Telecommunity, we’ll share the tips for presenting yourself in a professional manner.
  • Tips for landing clients: For the telecommuters who own their own business or freelance, we’ll discuss how to find clients, seal the deal, and keep those new clients happy for years to come.
  • Tips for turning an office job into a remote job: Do you commute to a traditional office job but would like to work from your home office sometimes – or all the time? We’ll discuss ways to convince the boss about the benefits of working from home. We’ll also share how to apply as a telecommuter for jobs that aren’t telecommute advertised opportunities.
  • The various companies that hire telecommuters or have distributed teams: There are so many companies who now hire virtual workers or have 100% distributed teams. Who are they and are they hiring? We’ll share all that here.
  • Advice for freelancers: Landing clients, keeping clients, the best places to find gigs, productivity hacks and more.
  • Tools and technology for freelancers and telecommuters: What are some of the apps and gadgets telecommuters use to stay at the top of their game? We’ll share them here!
  • Resources for telecommuters and freelancers: We’ll discuss books, websites, blogs, and other resources to help people who work from home.

Does all the above sound like something that interests you? Then don’t be a stranger because we have a lot to talk about together. read more