My Top 11 Home Office Essentials

Home Office EssentialsEvery telecommuter has a list of essentials to have in their home office. If you were to ask people who work from home for a list of their home office “must haves,” you’ll find responses vary, though. That’s because we’re all comfortable with different things. So what works best for me, won’t necessarily work for you.

In any event, I’m sharing my list of must haves for anyone who might find it useful. After you’re done reading, share your favorites or tell me how silly you think my choices are. I’m always looking for good suggestions for staying focused, organized, and comfortable during the work day. read more

10 Sure Signs a Work From Home Job is Too Good to Be True

work from home scams

Scammers, spammers, and other unsavory types  love to prey on people who want to work from home. They’ll try and sell you “secrets,” make you pay beaucoup bucks for “hidden” job leads you can find online for free, and have you do a lot of work for little or no money.

While we all agree telecommuting is an ideal situation, it’s not worth losing money or sleep over. That’s why it’s so important to understand exactly what you’re getting into before applying for any job. read more

4 Things a Freelancer Should Never Apologize For

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In the 14 years I’ve been freelancing, I’ve had all sorts of clients with all sorts of requests. For example, there was the client who wanted to do annual employee reviews even though I wasn’t an employee. (I passed.) There was also the client who wanted me to be on call during the entire 9 -5 business day but only wanted to pay me a small fee for the actual writing part. Each time, I apologized and let them know the difference between an independent contractor and an employee. Sometimes the gig ended, and sometimes it didn’t, but I’m always glad I spoke up. read more

Why Content Sites Need to Stop Asking Freelance Writers to Take Writing Tests

Content Sites

One of the main issues writers have with content sites  is how they don’t pay much money. When you’re a low paying market, it can lead to a compromise in quality. I’m not saying this is true of everyone who writes for content sites, but the quality issue comes up more for them than a higher paying market.

Now, let me preface this by saying I’m not going to tell you where to work or how much to earn. If writing for a content site is your thing- and it’s sending regular work your way – by all means go for it. The work is quick, easy (in most cases), and they pay right away. It’s also a way for newer writers to gain experience and work with editors. So I get it. read more

You’re Not “Unemployable” Because You Prefer to Work from Home

UnemployableCan we talk?

Why has it become fashionable for freelancers and telecommuters to proudly proclaim how they’re “unemployable?”

Listen. Just because one feels s/he’s not suited for the typical 9 -5 or prefers a more casual, flexible, working environment, doesn’t mean that person doesn’t have the ability to be employed. It only means said person is making a conscious choice not to enter a more traditional workplace. Showing a preference for working at home or being an entrepreneur doesn’t make one “unemployable.” read more

Hey, People Who Hire Freelancers – Here Are a Few Things You Should Know


As someone whose worked as a freelance writer for almost 15 years and a social media consultant for almost 8 years, I like to think I’ve met all types of clients. There are those who truly value your time and input and will pay you accordingly, and there are those who think hiring a freelancer means they’re bringing in the cheapest labor possible.

Though we freelancers do our best to set rates that work for both us and our clients, it’s important to have conversations with potential clients from time to time as to what it’s like on this end of the job. Especially since so many people who haven’t worked with freelancers in the past are hiring. read more