Can We Talk About These Stupid Job Titles?

Get off my lawnThere used to be a time when if you were looking for a job, say for an accountant or receptionist, you’d scan the ads and look for “Accountant” or “Receptionist.” There was no gray area. We knew what those job titles meant and we searched accordingly. Lately, though, it’s not so cut and dry. I don’t know if businesses are trying to be witty and clever, or if they’re going the hipster route in order to weed out the old-asses like myself, but many of the job titles I come across are too ambiguous to tell what the job is about. read more

36 Remote Friendly Companies With General Applications for Job Seekers

Perhaps I’m dating myself as an old-timer, but back in the day, before the Internet made so many telecommuting options available, job seekers were limited to local classified ads. When it was time for a new situation, we brought several different Sunday newspapers in order to see which companies were hiring. If the classifieds weren’t paying off, job hunters took to the pavement. Armed with a list of businesses, they’d visit as many companies as possible to inquire about open opportunities and leave a resume to keep on file. read more

58 REAL Freelancing & Telecommuting Jobs

Telecommute job leads

Let’s start the week off with another list of freelancing and telecommuting jobs. All jobs listed here today are current and accepting applications as of this writing.

Brands hiring today include: IBM,, JP Morgan Chase, NerdWallet, Yelp and more.

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Full Time Telecommuting Jobs

Telecommute Accounting & Finance Jobs

Premium Auditor for CNA

Revenue Manager read more

5 Phrases to Be Cautious of When Looking for a Telecommute Job


We all have our reasons for wanting to telecommute.  Some are more personal, for example, wanting to be home with children. Others are more professional, for example, being able to focus better from a quiet home office rather than the hub bub of an open workplace. Regardless of your preference, sometimes wanting to work from home can cloud one’s judgement when it comes to finding a telecommute job.

A common mistake many career-minded telecommuters make when looking for work, is that they’re approaching the job search from a “Work at Home!!!!!!” angle rather than a “How will this job help me to fulfill my career goals” mindset. The idea of the telecommute should never take away from one’s skill set, desired salary, professionalism, reputation, or plans for the future. read more

Telecommute Job of the Day: Cash Money Skimm’r for TheSkimm (Advertising Sales Job)

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 7.25.57 AM

TheSkimm, that clever morning news roundup geared towards women, is looking for a “Cash Money Skimm’r” to analyze and execute on-brand revenue opportunities across platforms.

The Nitty Gritty:

You will be expected to:

  •  Win new business and service the needs of premium sponsorship clients across highly strategic segments.
  • Deliver effective and custom sponsorship solutions that give advertisers unparalleled connections to a highy engaged audience, while guarding our user’s experience.
  • Structure monetization opportunities across theSkimm’s existing platforms (newsletter, social channels, and Skimm’bassador community).
  • Create new and first to market revenue streams.
  • Work in tandem with other team members to ensure successful campaign execution and follow through.
  • read more

    Hiking & Camping Bloggers Needed for TrekSW – $100 – $150 per Post

    TrekSW, the travel blog for outdoorsy, roughing it type folks, is looking for hiking and camping bloggers to help provide quality content. Articles must have to do with hiking and camping in the SouthWest.

    Some of the types of blog posts they’re looking for include:

    • Campfire recipes
    • Destination reviews
    • Trail Guides
    • Other related topics
    Original photos – not stock photos – must accompany each submission. Blog posts have a minimum word count of 750 words. Payment is $100 per post and $150 per trail guide. Intrigued? Click here to learn more.

    76 Freelance and Work From Home Jobs You Can Apply to Today!

    What follows is a list of freelance jobs and work from home jobs that are current as of this morning.

    Administrative Assistant – United Health Group Full Time Administrative Assistant At Home Registration Consultant – $9 – $13/hour Full Time Customer Service Associate for Capital One Solution Sales Representative – Presys – Remote with travel Work from Home Sales Assocaite Vice President of Sales – Crossover for Work Part Time Business Development Representative Network Technology Architect  National Business Manager – Federal Government Human Resources Systems & Data Analyst – Remote Work Considered

    Compensation Delivery Analyst read more