An Open Letter to People Who Place Employment Ads

Dear People Who Place Employment Ads:

Can we talk? It’s about your job ads. They’re starting to get a little out of hand.

I get it. You want to make sure you’re receiving individualized responses from job candidates, rather than the same old, cookie cutter responses. You also want to be sure candidates are thoroughly reading the job ad to make sure they’re the right fit. You take these steps to make sure no one’s time is wasted, least of all not your own.

But you know what? read more

6 Job Interview Red Flags for Candidates


Don’t ignore job interview red flags. If something isn’t sitting right with you, go with your gut and explore your reasons for feeling off. Job interviews are a two-way street. You should be learning as much about the employer as they are you.

Everyone has an off day.  If a hiring manager says or does something that seems a bit off, it might not necessarily be a deal breaker. However, if several suspicious situations arise, think long and hard about how badly you want this job. Chances are, you won’t be happy in  a place that doesn’t make a positive impression from the very beginning. read more

12 Things Not To Say During a Job Interview


If you’re looking for a new job, it’s just as important to know what things not to say during a job interview as it is to study best practices. Saying the wrong thing can ruin your chances before you even have a chance to get down to business.

When it comes to job interviews, a good rule of thumb is to keep it positive, stick to the topic(s) at hand, and keep it professional. Avoid trying to be too funny, too familiar, or too laid back. If you’re confident, your personality will shine through anyway. While you want to stand out, it should be for the right reasons. You want to present your skills as an asset to the company, and not in a way that’s cocky or off-putting. Moreover, you want it to be clear the job is the most important thing – not money or vacation time. read more