89 REAL Telecommute and Freelance Job Leads

real-telecommute-job-leadsHappy Thursday, Telecommuters! We have another giant list of telecommute and freelance job leads to share with you today. All leads are current and accepting applications as of this morning, so hopefully you’ll find some great opportunities. I don’t know what’s in the water today, but we found A TON of terrific remote leads for writing jobs.

Some of the jobs listed today include editors, writers, customer service jobs, marketing and social media jobs, project managers, tech jobs and others.

Some of the brands hiring today include Baby Center, Eater, Nerd Wallet, Oxygen Media and more.

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Good luck!!

REAL Telecommute and Freelance Job Leads

  1. Freelance Writer for Global Call Forwarding
  2. Tech Deals Writer for Digital Trends
  3. Freelance Writers for DCI Artform
  4. Credit Card Writer for Nerd Wallet
  5. Writer for Housing Market Insights and Real Estate for Nerd Wallet
  6. Freelance Crime Writer for Oxygen Media
  7. Writers Wanted for Online Publisher for Soledad Media Group
  8. Investing Writer for Nerd Wallet
  9. Personal Loan Writers for Nerd Wallet
  10. Junior Content Writer for ProcessStreet
  11. Style Freelance Writer for The Cheat Sheet
  12. Sports Freelance Writer for The Cheat Sheet
  13. Freelance Writer for Study.com
  14. Freelance Writer for FanBread
  15. Freelance Writers for Pricenomics
  16. GED Content Writer for Magoosh
  17. Content Writer for LWJ
  18. Global Healthcare Freelance Writer for Global Health Care Insights
  19. Accounting Lesson Writer for Study.com
  20. Criminal Justice Lesson Writer for Study.com
  21. Flashcard Writer for Study.com
  22. Writers for Study Guides at BookRags.com
  23. Writer for English Language Japanese New Service for Pan Orient News
  24. Writer for Travel Listings at RentVillas.com
  25. Medical Writer for Open Systems Technologies
  26. Writer Needed for Saas Marketing Blog for Allocable
  27. Proposal Writer/Library Administrator for Independent Living Systems
  28. Safety Professional Test Prep Writer for Mometrix Media
  29. Boston Bruins Blog Manager for SB Nation/Vox Media
  30. Science/Tech Writer for Aprototype (Part Time)
  31. IT Proposal Writer for David Kenneth Group
  32. Editors Needed for Editors Live
  33. Copy Editor for Neebus
  34. Social Casino Editor for a Mobile Gaming Company
  35. Full Time Content Writer Needed for Marketing Agency – $15/hour
  36. Digital Communications Content Lead for Crawford Group
  37. Content Coordinator for Client Boost
  38. Content Strategist for Hornet & UnicornBooty.com
  39. Content Marketer/Writer for HubStaff
  40. Marketing Administrative Assistant for Certifikid- Remote but must come in for meetings in Potomac, MD office.
  41. Marketing & Social Media Manager for Certifikid – Must be available for meetings in Potomac, MD
  42. Marketing/Growth Coordinator for CartStack
  43. Global Social Media Coordinator for BabyCenter
  44. Social Media Marketing/Healthcare for the Verden Group
  45. Social Media Producer for SB Nation/Vox Media
  46. Deputy Engagement Editor for SB Nation/Vox Media
  47. Data Scientist at Vox Media
  48. Senior Designer at Vox Media
  49. Associate Cities Editor at Eater/Vox Media
  50. Managing Editor for Countable
  51. General Manager for City Manager
  52. Product Manager for MyJobCredit.com
  53. Labor Management Solutions Implementation Project Manager for McKesson
  54. Project Manager for Lingalinx Language Solutions
  55. Project Manager for HMS Techologies
  56. Customer Service Rep for SDQ Solutions Staffing
  57. Customer Support for Study.com
  58. Customer Care Support Analyst for CrossPoint Materials
  59. Bilingual Customer Care in Richmond VA for ESTES
  60. Client Relations Rep for MyJobCredit.com
  61. Client Success Manager in New York for TeleTracking
  62. Client Success Manager in Florida for TeleTracking
  63. Client Success Manager in Houston for TeleTracking
  64. Law Enforcement Transcription for Net Transcripts
  65. Luxury Travel Agent for World Travel Holdings
  66. Spanish Translator for Translate.com
  67. Spanish Transcriber for Lionbridge
  68. Danish Translator for Translate.com
  69. Adjust Instructor – Accounting for Stevens- Henager College
  70. Dean of General Education for Stevens- Henager College
  71. Dean of General Education for Independence University
  72. Early Education Literacy Coach for Amplify Education
  73. Virtual Art Teacher for Edmentum
  74. Interior Designer for Havenly
  75. Graphic Designer for Need TShirts Now
  76. Virtual Web Site Administration, Design & Organic Search Expert for MIG & Co.
  77. Web Designer/UI/Visual Designer for Mondo
  78. System Analyst/Programmer for Insight
  79. Network Manager for Innovation Group North America
  80. Medical Billing for Divine Medical Billing
  81. Medical Scheduling
  82. IP Coder for Comforce Health
  83. Online Shopping Rater for Lionbridge
  84. Speech Language Pathologist – Licensed in Wisconsin – for Soliant Health
  85. English/Cantonese Video Interpreters for Globo
  86. English/Arabic Video Interpreters for Globo
  87. English/Tagalog Video Interpreters for Globo
  88. English/Mandarin Video Interpreters for Globo
  89. English/Korean Video Interpreters for Globo
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