59 Telecommute and Freelance Jobs You Can Apply to Today

Happy New Year, Telecommuters! Let’s get 2017 started on a positive note – with new career opportunities and job leads for both freelancers and permanent remote employees. All leads are current and accepting applications as of this morning.

Today we’re sharing job leads for accounting jobs, writing and editing jobs, marketing jobs, health and healthcare jobs, tech jobs and more.

Brands hiring today include Eater, JP Morgan Chase, Salesforce, Vox Media, Zapier, and more.

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Good luck!

Today’s Telecommute & Freelance Job Leads

Telecommute Jobs

Accounting Jobs

  1. Accounting Manager for Premiere Global Services
  2. Staff Accountant for InVision

Customer Service Jobs

  1. Commercial Bank Relationship Executive for JP Morgan Chase
  2. Customer Support Agent for Groove
  3. Customer Champion for Platinum IDS

Editing Jobs

  1. Photo Editor for RootsRated
  2. Assistant Copy Editor for J & J Editorial
  3. Editor/Content Strategist for HotJar
  4. NOLA Editor for Eater

Design Jobs

  1. Interactive Designer for Kohactive
  2. Web Designer for MadLab
  3. Product Designer for Zapier
  4. Digital Designer for Cache Ventures

Healthcare and Health Related Jobs

  1. Outreach Representative for Gateway Health Plan
  2. Provider Account Liason for Gateway Health Plan
  3. Care Manager, Autism Services for New Directions Behavioral Health
  4. Outpatient SDS/ED Coder for GeBBS Healthcare Solutions

Marketing Jobs

  1. SEO/SEM Marketing Specialist for Coastal Scents
  2. Affiliate Marketing Assistant for Trading Concepts, Inc.
  3. Market Research Analyst for MarketLab
  4. Part Time SEO Specialist for Diverseyfund
  5. Digital Marketing Specialist for Diverseyfund
  6. Email Marketing Specialist for Diverseyfund
  7. Marketing Manager for MadLab
  8. Content Marketer for HubStaff
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Miscellaneous Telecommuting Jobs

  1. Auditor for CSL Plasma
  2. Criminal Court Researcher for Sterling Talent Solutions
  3. Online Crowd Worker for iSoftStone

Project Management Jobs

  1. Project Manager for SkyBridge Resources
  2. Project Director for Workday
  3. Digital Project Manager for Student Loan Hero
  4. Project Manager for Motorola Solutions
  5. Project Manager for HMS Technologies
  6. Project Manager – ERP Implementations for Deltek

Sales Jobs

  1. Inside Sales Rep for Lawyers with Purpose
  2. Marketplace Sales Specialist for Coastal Scents
  3. Fashion Sales Agent for ThisWay

Tech, Computer & IT Jobs

  1. Database Administrator for SkyBridge Resources
  2. Technical Support for Intermedia.net
  3. PHP Developer for MadLab
  4. Staff Developer for FireEye
  5. PHP Programmer/Developer Assistant for YourWebPro

Writing Jobs

  1. Course Mentor, Writing for Western Governer’s University
  2. Senior Medical Writer for PPD
  3. Senior Content Writer for Salesforce

Freelance Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Biotech Reporters for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
  2. Freelance Content Writer for Hive Media
  3. Writer for VoracityColab
  4. Freelance Digital Journalist for Fractl
  5. South Carolina Gamecocks Blogger for Vox Media
  6. Product Description Writer in Chicago – Must be available to come in for meetings
  7. Freelance Content Writer for BizzyWeb
  8. Freelance Writer in Milwaukee for Urban Bound
  9. Freelance Writer in Cleveland for Urban Bound
  10. Trending Money Editor for .Mic
  11. Freelance Content Writer for RushCube

Freelance Marketing Jobs

  1. Brand Ambassador for Happy Tree

Miscellaneous Freelance Jobs

  1. Project Manager for NASCO

Freelance Tech Jobs

  1. IT Tech Support for Versant Holdings

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