164 Freelance and Telecommute Job Leads You Can Apply to Today!

We haven’t shared a giant list of freelance and telecommute job leads for a while, but it’s about time we do it again! There’s an abundance of opportunities available for remote job seekers right now, so let’s just get right to it.

Included today are leads for writing jobs, tech/IT jobs, marketing jobs, social media jobs, project management jobs, and many others. (Some jobs are location specific or require you to come in for meetings or training.)

Brands hiring today include Aetna, Amazon, Johns Hopkins University, .Mic, Michael Kors, Yelp, and others.

If you don’t want to wait for us to update here, we also share leads in our telecommute job leads sharing group on Facebook. We also have a remote job board right here at Telecommunity.

Good luck!

Telecommute Job Leads

Accounting & Finance Jobs

  1. Accounting Manager for Aha!
  2. Sr. Accounting Assistant for Articulate
  3. Tax Manager for Pheonix CPA firm – Location specific remote job
  4. Audit Manager for Phoenix CPA firm – Location specific remote job
  5. Senior Tax Associate for Phoenix CPA Firm – Location specific remote job
  6. U. S. CPA With Corporate Accounting/Bookkeeping Experience for Greenback Expat Tax Services
  7. US CPA or Enrolled Agent with Experience in Expat for Greenback Expat Tax Services
  8. UK Tax Accountant for Greenback Expat Tax Services
  9. Canadian Tax Accountant for Greenback Expat Tax Services
  10. Australian Tax Accountant for Greenback Expat Tax Services
  11. Finance Assistant for C4 Media
  12. Audience and Revenue Strategist for 10Up
  13. Payroll Manager for Toptal

Administrative Jobs

  1. Data Entry Specialist for Stewart Tile Guaranty Company
  2. Virtual Office/Project Manager for Greenback Expat Tax Services
  3. Virtual Assistants for Fancy Hands
  4. Administrative Assistant for Aetna – Telecommuting considered for the right candidate
  5. Executive Assistant for I Will Teach You to be Rich
  6. Data Entry Associate – Telecommute but MUST train onsite in Sandy, UT first.
  7. Administrative Assistant/Social Media Specialist for The Posture People
  8. Executive Assistant/Office of the President for Missional University
  9. Operations/Administrative for 10Up
  10. HR Generalist for Scraping Hub

Customer Service/Support/Success Jobs

  1. Customer Experience and Communications Marketing Expert for Greenback Expat Tax Services
  2. Customer Success Manager for Chef
  3. Customer Success Associate for HelpFlow
  4. Customer Support for Deal Dash – Remote but must reside in Canada
  5. Customer Support for Deal Dash (anywhere)
  6. Customer Service – Various Cities – Enterprise Car Rental
  7. Customer Success Manager for InVision App

Design Jobs

  1. Graphic Designer for Aha!
  2. UX Designer for Aha!
  3. Visual Designer for Compose
  4. Web/Graphic Designer for Coalition Technologies

Education Jobs

  1. Writing Instructor for Johns Hopkins University
  2. Supervisor of Substitute Services for Connections Academy
  3. Math Specialist for Connections Academy
  4. Instructional Designer for Quimbee

Editor Jobs

  1. Lead Editor for Toptal
  2. Editor in Chief for Toptal

Legal Jobs

  1. Trademark Attorney

Marketing & P.R. Jobs

  1. P.R. Specialist – Remote but must be able to come into DC office.
  2. SEO Analyst for Coalition Technologies
  3. Chicago Marketing Assistant for Yelp
  4. Durham, NC Marketing Assistant for Yelp
  5. Hampton/Newport News Marketing Assistant for Yelp
  6. St.Louis Marketing Assistant for Yelp
  7. Digital Marketing Director for C4 Media
  8. Online Marketing Specialist for HelpFlow
  9. Brand Manager for Michael Kors
  10. Marketing Manager for CitySourced
  11. Affiliate Marketing Manager for Acceleration Partners
  12. CMO for The Cheat Sheet
  13. Head of SEO for Trip.com
  14. Marketing Strategy Manager for Trip.com
  15. Product Marketing Manager for InVision App
  16. Director of SEO for Toptal
  17. VP Marketing for Toptal
  18. Chief Growth Officer at FreeBusy

Miscellaneous Jobs

  1. Philadelphia City Manager for Amazon Restaurants
  2. Director of Grass Roots Training at MoveOn,org
  3. Director of Organizational Development and Human Resources for MoveOn.org
  4. Development Director for MoveOn.org
  5. Online Fundraising Specialist for Mozilla

Product Manager Jobs

  1. Product Manager for C4 Media
  2. Associate Product Manager for Connections Academy
  3. Senior Product Manager for Connections Academy
  4. Product Manager for Collage.com
  5. Senior Product Manager for Mozilla
  6. Product Manager for Toptal

Project Manager Jobs

  1. Senior Project Manager for ABCO
  2. Project Manager for Infotek Consulting – Remote but must be available to come into Mt. Laurel, NJ office now and again.
  3. Project Manager – Web Content Development for Analysts International
  4. Production Manager for The Hero Company
  5. Project Manager for Wright Avenue Partners
  6. Associate Director of Client Delivery for 10Up
  7. Technical Project Manager for Four Kitchens
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Social Media Jobs

  1. Social Media Specialist for Mozilla
  2. Tampa Bay Community Manager for Yelp
  3. Las Vegas Community Manager for Yelp
  4. Milwaukee Community Manager for Yelp
  5. Tampa Bay Community Manager for Yelp
  6. Boise Community Ambassador for Yelp
  7. Columbia, SC Ambassador for Yelp
  8. Tallahassee Community Ambassador for Yelp
  9. Wilmington, NC Community Ambassador for Yelp
  10. Springfield, MO Community Ambassador for Yelp
  11. Central, NJ Community Expansion Ambassador for Yelp
  12. Galveston County Community Expansin Ambassador for Yelp
  13. San Gabriel Country Community Expansion Ambassador for Yelp
  14. Writer/Social Media Person for The Hero Company
  15. Community Manager, Various Cities for Trip.com
  16. Mandarin/English Community Manager for ICUC
  17. Social Media Account Manager for ICUC
  18. Director of Community Empowerment for HeroX

Tech/IT Jobs

  1. Microsoft Identity Manager SME for New Signature
  2. Azure Cloud Consultant for New Signature
  3. Site Reliability Engineer for Duck Duck Go
  4. Help/Service Desk Support – Staffing Agency Listing
  5. Network Administrator for Corptech
  6. Security Automation Engineer for Ellucian
  7. Channel/Account Manager for Cloud Passage
  8. Front End Javascript Engineer for CleverTech
  9. Web Engineer for 10Up
  10. Front End Developer for Coalition Technologies
  11. Senior Solutions Architect for Amazon
  12. Systems Engineer for Amazon
  13. Principle Cloud Solutions Architect for Amazon
  14. Security Architect – Virtual in Ohio – for Amazon
  15. Senior Developer for Attentiv (Continental U.S.)
  16. Front End Developer for Articulate
  17. Enablement Solutions Architect for Red Hat
  18. Lead UI Designer for BareMetrics
  19. Engineering Manager, Design Tools for InVision App
  20. JavaScript Engineer for Site Pen
  21. Senior Software Engineer for SocialChorus
  22. QA Engineer for BlogTalkRadio

Writing Jobs

  1. Writer – Undergraduate School/Adjunct Facility for UMUC
  2. Copywriter/Content Lead for Qwilr
  3. Senior Medical Writer for Net2Source (Occasional travel to Summit, NJ)
  4. Senior Medical Writer for PPD
  5. Communications Director for Clean Coalition – Telecommute but must be available to come in for meetings, etc. San Francisco Bay area.
  6. Proposal Specialist for Envision RX
  7. Senior Writer for Aha!
  8. Communications Manager for Aha!
  9. Content Specialist for ICUC – Fluent in English and Korean
  10. Content Specialist for ICUC
  11. Content Writer for Konsus
  12. Senior Technical Writer for Percona
  13. Content Strategist for Toptal

Freelance Job Leads

Freelance Writing and Editing Jobs

  1. Freelance Slideshow Writer for The Cheat Sheet
  2. CRM Software Content Writer for W-Systems
  3. Freelance Copywriter for Coalition Technologies
  4. Content Writers for BKA (Super Low Pay alert!)
  5. Medical Writer – Staffing Agency listing
  6. Medical Writer for Cactus Communications
  7. Freelance Regulatory Specialist for Cactus Communications
  8. Calculus Curriculum Writer for Saga Innovations ($40/hour)
  9. Resume Writer for Hire Resources
  10. Technical Writer for Pharmaceutical Company
  11. Content Writer – Weird History for Ranker
  12. Freelance Anime Writer for Ranker
  13. Freelance Horror/Urban Legend/Creepy Stuff Writer for Ranker
  14. Freelance List/Clickbait Writers for Ranker
  15. Trending Arts Writer for .Mic
  16. Trending Gaming Writer for .Mic
  17. Trending Tech Writer for .Mic
  18. Trending News Item Writer for .Mic
  19. Trending Gaming Editor for .Mic
  20. Technical Editor for Johns Hopkins University
  21. Content Writer for Tempesta Media – You must take a (paid) writing test
  22. Education Blogger for Big Universe
  23. Opinionated TV Writers for Buddy TV
  24. Health & Fitness Writer for The Cheat Sheet
  25. Freelance Style Writer for The Cheat Sheet
  26. Blogger/Writer for Math Genie
  27. Freelance Case Summaries Writer for Quimbee
  28. Freelance Fashion Journalist for FashionNetwork.com

Freelance Tech/IT Jobs

  1. Software Implementation Consultant, Healthcare for Kaufman, Hall & Associates
  2. Applications Solutions Consultant for Yardi Systems
  3. Dev/Ops Consultant for Amazon Services
  4. Big Data Consultant for Amazon

Miscellaneous Freelance Jobs

  1. Information Consultant for Aetna – Telecommuters considered
  2. Researcher for Hello Innovation

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